Friday, November 24, 2006

Birthday Cake Dilemma...

It is Gareths 4th birthday this weekend.

Last year he had a beautiful robot shaped cake that I stayed up past midnight, baking and decorating. On the day Byron pretended to have made it himself and took all the praise from his adoring 3 year old!

It's birthday number 4 tomorrow. Gareth wants daddy to make him another wonderful robot cake....

Do I ...

A: Tell the truth about last year, show up Byron to be a chancer and shatter a little boys illusions of his perfect Dad

B: Stay up past midnight again, baking and decorating and allow Byron to take all the credit allowing his little boy to think his Dad is amazing

C:Bake the cake myself, put on all the chocolate icing and at the last minute let Byron sprinkle and shake all the little metallic balls onto the robot with Gareth, explaining to him that Mum and Dad want to share the job this year...

This is what I decided to do.... !

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  1. Wow fab eh! gingerbresd man sorry super robot, only kidding, jealous because we can't share it. Have a wonderful birthday Gareth & Sian god bless & good luck for your confirmation, Well done Rhiannon you'll soon be bike racing with Daddy xxxxx

  2. Well done Gina. Great compromise.
    Cake looks lovely, hope Byron did a good job with the finishing touches.

  3. good compromise. i can't believe that gareth is already 4! it seems to have gone by in a blink. hope you have a great weekend.