Friday, November 10, 2006

House Build week 8: Open security fence!

Week 8 and we decided to do a drive past the block so we could take a photo to put on the blog. It was 6pm so no builders on-site.

Officially we have signed a legal contract to say that we will not be allowed to enter the site unless we are with the site supervisor. Normally out of hours the security fencing is padlocked preventing us from having a wander around..... Today we noticed that the back of the security fencing was left open accidentally....

Byron rang the site supervisor to ask his advice. He was told that it was a mistake and that it would be helpful if we could pull it closed. Not a problem. However, while it was open it was a perfect oppportunity to have a little wander around and see up close what the latest changes were!

Sian and Rhiannon were very excited as they have never been within the security fencing. We had the camera with us and took lots of photos.

The biggest un-known to us with building a two story house is what our views from our windows upstairs will be. I scaled the wobbly ladder in the name of research and was delighted to see that we will have lake glimpses from our en-suite bath and some lovely views from the upstairs living areas! (Shown in this photo) Here are the latest pics!

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