Saturday, November 11, 2006

Rhiannon learns to cycle!

Rhiannon is 6 and still has stabilizers / training wheels on her bike. Yesterday we watched as our friend Peter taught his four year old to cycle properly. It made Rhiannon think "If Owen can do it I can too"

This morning we packed up the car with bike (minus its stabilizers) helmets, knee pads and band-aids! As we were closing the front door I dashed back for the camera. Byron called out not to bother, he never thought she would learn to cycle properly in one morning. I didn't listen (as usual!)

It was a scorcher in Rathmines park, not a cloud in sight. We had the place virtually to ourselves, perfect! Rhiannon was raring to go so Byron got all the equipment on her and I did a bit of running up and down hanging on to the back of the saddle. Within ten minutes she was whizzing off faster than we could keep up with her! Good girl!!!

I was exhausted and sat under the shade drinking some icy water. Gareth and myself messed around with the camera taking self portraits, Rhiannon couldn't be seen for dust! She spent the next two hours going up and down the paths and doing laps of the playground. Byron had to chase after her with a big branch shooing away the magpies who were swooping on her to keep her away from their territories. We will all sleep well tonight!!!

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  1. Well done Rhiannon