Monday, November 27, 2006

Special Rhiannon day!

With such a busy weekend , Gareths Birthday party on Saturday and Sians Communion on Sunday , our piggy in the middle, Rhiannon was feeling a bit left out. At 6 years of age she understood the coincidence of two occasions happening side by side but still looked a little crestfallen as parcel after parcel arrived with things inside for Gareth and Sian but nothing for her. Auntie Carrie and Granny and Grandad Joe picked up on this and set to work planning something....

Special Rhiannon Day!

They sent her an email to be placed under her pillow on Sunday night telling her how special she was, how much they loved and missed her. At the bottom of the email was a "virtual voucher" for a Beanie Kid (I pay and Granny fixes me up next time we meet!) It was to be spent on the Monday when she came home from school!

Rhiannon spent ages looking at every Beanie Kid in the shop before finally choosing "Ellianna the fairy bear" She got to choose what we all had for tea and had ice-cream, strawberry sauce and sprinkles for dessert! After a phone call with Granny, Grandad Joe and Auntie Carrie (Way past bedtime!) she went off to bed a happy "special" little girl.

Thank you Mum, Dad and Carrie for being so thoughtful

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