Sunday, November 19, 2006

Swimming in the lake

It was a scorcher today. We decided to pack a picnic and go out in the boat for a spin around Lake Macquarie. We spotted Kel on the balcony of his house as we passed by and five minutes later we had two more passengers on board!

We expanded our "comfort zone" that we normally stick to and decided to go a bit further afield for a change. We went across to Belmont which took less time than I expected, but then Anne and myself were absorbed in all sorts off exciting gossip about "The Beautiful People" and time sure flys when you're having fun!

The beautiful people are a breed of people who swan around on fancy cruisers in skimpy bikinis and provide wonderful entertainment for all men with binoculars living on the waterfront. Anne and myself have a misguided notion that with a little dieting and some wonderfully clever "hold-in" swimwear we may become part of their club someday!

Enough daydreaming, when we reached Belmont we tied up on a mooring and ate the picnic I had packed earlier. With 4 adults tucking into 2 sandwiches it was more of an appetizer than lunch so we decided to tie up next to Lake Macquarie yacht club and order some more food.

The kids wanted to try to swim off the boat so we let them climb down the ladder at the back of the boat. It was freezing but they loved it.

Sian got really brave and started jumping in off the side! Gareth was a bit nervous so we tied a rope to his life jacket and held on to it. We knew we could drag him in if he changed his mind. He loved the feeling of bobbing up and down with the life jacket on and soon realized he would have more freedom if we untied him!

Rhiannon took a while to make up her mind. After a lot of toe-dipping she finally took the plunge and swam around with Sian and Gareth.

It was a lovely day. Often the days that you don't plan turn out the best and today was one of them!

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  1. Had a great day yesterday thank you. Just what the doctor ordered. PS Gina I would much rather be crazy than beautiful.

  2. How true!