Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Angela and Penny.

Today we went to see "Angela and Penny".

They are two legendary ladies of Australian kids tv and have a CD full of catchy songs about holidays.

We went to see them in Newcastle doing a show based on the CD and it was really great fun. The kids knew all the words and were encouraged to jump around and join in.

We were there with lots of school friends, Gemma, Sophie, Felix, Jasper, Elouise, Neve, Harriet, Stephanie, Isaac, Harry and Tommy!

At the end they were allowed on stage and had fun hoola-hooping and peeking inside the prop caravan!

After the show the kids queued up to get Angela and Penny to sign their CD.
We blasted the Cd all the way home in the car and I am still humming away as I type! Poor Mr B! I think we are driving him mad!

"Holidays are happy days,
Happy days are holidays,
Holidays are happy days when you...
do what you wanna...
do what you wanna...

Cha- Cha- Cha!!!"

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