Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lambton swimming pool.

Today we went to another new swimming pool with the usual bunch of friends for a day of splashing around and water-slide fun.

This pool has a mad water-slide that costs about 50 cents a go to slide down.

The kids were hyper when we got there and could hardly stand still long enough for me to slap the sun-cream and rashy vests on them. I hadn't even bought tickets for the ride before Sian was climbing the steep steps to the top, her friend Gemma had lent her one of hers!

They had a wonderful day climbing up and sliding down. Gareth was a little reluctant but after we went down together the first time there was no stopping him!!! In between slides they had a choice of 4 different outdoor pools to swim in. Each one was a different depth and suited ages from toddlers to lengths swimmers to divers.

Gareth had a great time being piggy backed around a medium depth pool by Jasper and Felix. Rhiannon and Sian just swam constantly with their friends for about 3 hours.

I had to tear them away at home time and they were so tired they could hardly keep their eyes open in the car driving home.

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