Saturday, January 27, 2007

Retail Therapy (Unexpected!)

Australia day ended with a bang... Literally!

As we sat on the sofa with our empty wine glasses feeling a little the worse for wear, we heard a muffled pop. Byron thought the fridge had died. I was too tipsy to care!

By the next morning we woke up (hung-over) wondering if maybe it had miraculously resurrected itself overnight... It hadn't! I rang Kel for help and he offered us the lend of some freezer space for the day while we organised a new fridge.

5 minutes later Kel wandered in our front door . I don't know who got the biggest fright. Me, finding him in the kitchen, or Kel, seeing me in pj's with hair that looked like I had shoved my finger in a socket! After looking at fuses and power boards we were non the wiser and Kel said we should probably go shopping. We were planning on a new fridge for the new house. We just assumed we would wait until we had moved in.

Off to the shops we went. A couple of hours and a couple of thousand dollars later and we were on the phone to Anne and Kel looking for a lend of their Ute to bring home our new fridge. They very kindly dropped everything, delayed some visitors and set off to help us. Within a couple of hours we had the new fridge in our kitchen and the kids were busy putting the fridge magnets all over it. It is pretty cool by UK standards (pretty normal by Aussie ones) It has side by side freezer and fridge with a water dispenser in the freezer door. It also makes and dispenses ice-cubes or crushed ice at the touch of a button. The fridge door has a small pull down door that allows access to one shelf that holds milk and soft drinks. It is supposed to be an energy saving gadget that reduces fluctuations in temperatures when you open and close the main door.

I never thought I could get so excited about a kitchen appliance!!!

I need to get out more...

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