Sunday, January 28, 2007


Today was another glorious sunny day. Blue skies but not crazy hot. A perfect boating day!

Karen and Simon met us at the boat ramp early this morning with their two little girls and we spent 5 hours whizzing around the lake.

It was great having another person on board with a boating licence as it gave Mr B a chance to sit back and be driven around for a change.

We brought the biscuit out for the second time and Byron was a lot more comfortable knowing how fast to go to give the kids a bit of a thrill but without scaring the living daylights out of them!
Legally you need one adult driving and one adult watching the person in the biscuit.

Because we had two more adults on board I was also able to have a go being dragged behind the boat . I made sure I had a little kid on my knee so that Byron couldn't go too fast! It was brilliant fun.

We dropped anchor beside an island in the middle of the lake and let the kids jump overboard and swim around the boat. Byron and Simon jumped in too and after a lot of persuasion I reluctantly joined them . It really was lovely. Not as cold as I had expected.

After a while we headed back to the lake side and got out Simon and Karen's water skis. They are a junior size and the two skis are tied together to make it easy for beginners. We were really surprised when Rhiannon jumped up for a go after Kayla. On her first attempt she went face first into the water but on the second go she stayed upright!

Sian also had a go and managed first time!

Poor Gareth tried 6 attempts. Each time falling flat on his face! He surprised us by not crying once and asking to try over and over again. We eventually admitted defeat and because we were almost out of fuel we called it a day and brought the boat out of the water.

The kids had fun jumping off the jetty while we were busy with the boat

Byron has got to grips really well with handling the boat on the trailer. It is coming more naturally to both of us as to what to do getting the boat in and out of the water. It still takes at least an hour after we get home to clean down the salt water off the boat and wash down all the interior carpets but it is a fun job and well worth the trouble.

It is still a two person job reversing the trailer into the garage. I have no idea how some of our friends can manage to stay out on the lake after nightfall and drive home in the dark. There have been lots of fireworks on the lakeside recently for New Year and Australia day. We are happier to watch from the bank! I think for now we are definitely day boaters!

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  1. Well done Girls. Keep trying Gareth you'll have it sussed before we come out there and you can show us how it's done.