Wednesday, January 24, 2007


"Comet McNaught, also known as the Great Comet of 2007 and given the designation C/2006 P1, is a non-periodic comet discovered on August 7th 2006 by British-Australian astronomer Robert H. McNaught. It made perihelion on January 12th 2007 and became easily visible to the naked eye for observers in the Southern Hemisphere"

I don't know much about astronomy except that some evenings the moon looks lovely over the lake and Anne often sends me mad texts late at night to go out and look at it! I have lifted the above info from the internet to give you the background behind the fabulous comet that we saw with the naked eye last week.

We sat on a jetty watching the sun set across the lake and listening to the birds settling for the night waiting until the comet appeared in the twilight sky. It was magical and the girls were awestruck. Gareth was snoring on the lap, he couldn't stay awake long enough to see it!

I'd love to take credit for the photo but it was taken by our friend Annette Brooker who is a professional photographer!

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