Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Boambee Bay: Big Banana

Everyone who spoke to us before we left on our holiday warned us that we HAD to go to the Big Banana. It is a famous landmark that was set up to support the local banana growing farmers and encourage the public to eat loads of bananas!!!

There is a cafe there that sells nothing but banana based foods! The gift store has the most bizzare display of all things yellow. Banana candles, pens, key rings, serviettes, note pads, t-shirts, towels, coasters.... I think you get the picture!
The best part for us was being able to walk through the banana platation and see the bunches of bananas ripening on the trees. We also saw lemon, lime, tangerine and advocado trees dotted around.
The kids got a real kick out of seeing the fruit hanging on branches that they normally only see stacked on supermarket shelves.
We saw one tree that we weren't able to work out what it was? We think it might have been macadamia nuts? They are Byrons favourite nut and are very expensive and from the relatively small amount growing on the tree it justifies the expense!

We also saw a really old tractor that was rusting away under the banana trees. It had the old fashioned starter crank at the front and poor Rhiannon was terrified that we were really going to start it up when she was on it! She took a lot of persuading that it was not as noisy as Uncle Patsys tractor on his farm in Mitchelstown!

After a couple of hours we were all banana'd out and headed home , banana smoothie anyone?!!

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