Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Elly's visit: day two

Day two and we decided to bring Elly off to Blackbutt reserve to see some Koalas and kangaroos before she heads back to Sydney. There was a new baby Koala hanging on to it's mum for dear life. We tried to get a photo of it but it kept hiding it's head in its mums fur.

When we were done admiring the wildlife we raced off to Kotara shopping center for a little bit of retail therapy. We met up with Elly after going in separate directions for an hour. She was laden down with bags so a successful day of bargains I think!

P.S Melissa, I saw what Elly bought you for your birthday..... Very nice!!!

We are having a quick cuppa at home and leaving for the train in about 10 minutes so just time for one last message from Elly to everyone at home.....

"I have had a lovely two days and enjoyed seeing the sights around Toronto. I'm back to Sydney for a few days then off to New Zealand. See you all soon (unless I decide not to come back!!!)"

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