Thursday, January 18, 2007

House Build week 18: Roof Finished

It's been a few weeks since we put up an update on the house.

Traditionally builders take a month off over Christmas and New Year so not a lot has changed since December.

This week has been all hands on deck with plumbers, electricians and air-con men all in and out doing their thing. The roof tilers have now completed the roof on the rear single story extention (Cinema room!) and the garage roof to the right of the house is also complete.

Hopefully next week the internal walls will be lined with gyp-rock (Plaster-board where I came from!) and the front door will go on. That will be a mile-stone that they call "Lock-up" which effectively means the end of having a sneaky peak inside after the builders go home!

Officially we have 18 out of 30 weeks gone by now so 12 weeks till we get the keys! The site supervisor is still sounding optimistic about being built on time if not earlier. We had hoped to have been in by the end of March for Cathy and Derek's visit but I think that is looking unlikely. We have been told by friends that even when we get the keys we will need at least 2-3 weeks to get the downstairs tiled and the upstairs carpeted as well as having a driveway laid and the obligatory hot-tub installed!!! Looks like we will still be in the rental house if our lovely landlords will be kind enough to extend our lease by a month. Not a good idea to have a lease run out a month before the new house is built and two days after a family of 5 come to stay for 3 weeks! Never mind, we will have fun whatever happens!

Watch this space....!

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