Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Boambee Bay: Muttonbird Island

Another beautiful nature reserve in Coffs Harbour was Mutton Bird Island. It is a small island that is connected to the mainland by a walkway. It is home to a colony of birds called (unsurprisingly) Mutton birds! They nest in burrows in the ground so you have to keep to the paths provided

It was a really hot day and we weren't sure if the kids would tolerate the long walk but we decided to have a try. They did really well and really enjoyed it.
Byron was promising Gareth with an ice-cream if he made it to the top. What he really meant was an ice-cream at the next shop but poor Gar thought there was an ice cream van at the top of the steep walk! No wonder his little legs kept walking so fast!
On our way up the hill we saw a blue-tongue lizard and on our way back across the walkway we saw a sea-turtle swimming in the shallows.
The kids were so excited to see the turtle in its natural environment and said it was better fun than going to an aquarium.

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