Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Boambee Bay: Rainforest walk

One afternoon we decided to explore a little further afield and did a 1 hour leisurely drive to Dorrigo National Park. They had a small walkway through the tops of the trees. The kids were really excited to be walking so high up. It was a bit dizzy looking down into the forest below.

A short drive away was another area of rainforest with clearly marked paths through the forest floor. Having read about the unusual fungi and leeches I was a little bit reluctant but Mr B was in full bushwalking mode so off we went!

It was eerily quiet walking in the dappled half-light of the forest. It was so wonderfully cool compared to the heat of the sun on the higher tree tops walk. The kids were really excited pointing out many of the trees that we had read about in the information center. Luckily we managed to escape from being sucked to death by giant leeches!

We finished the day with one last stop at a magnificent waterfall and had our hearts in our mouths as local kids jumped off the rocks and plunged down the 30 metre drop into the water below.

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  1. WOW !!!!!!
    how good does that holiday look....fantastic ... the kids got to kiss dolphins and you caught crabs eh !!!
    glad to see you are all looking well
    all our love swansea xxx