Thursday, January 25, 2007

Janes Birthday Celebrations.

It was our friend Jane Shields Birthday celebrations today.

Officially her birthday is not till Saturday but we were looking for an excuse to fill a quiet afternoon!

We went to Rathmines park and let the kids play cricket while we sat around chatting and stuffing our faces with all things you would normally find at a childs birthday party... fairy bread, marshmallow skewers, mini muffins, jelly etc. The reason for the childish theme was because Jane is the funniest, most light-hearted-child-at-heart one of the group of our friends. She delights in anything simple that makes you laugh and is the friend that introduced me to the fun of cardboard tobogganing! (hurtling down a steep grassy hill on a cadboard box, the aussie alternative to snow!)

I am not the only one who has noticed this side of Janes personality. Along with the more normal presents you would expect, she was given two princess tiaras and a hula-hoop!

The afternoon turned into the evening and the men joined us from work. One of our plates of party food was a fancy strawberry jelly that was a beautiful flower shape as we left our house. By the time we had driven around lots of sharp bends on our way to Rathmines it was reduced to a wobbly mess! At the end of the evening there was nothing left to do but find someone whos face could be squished into the plate! Sorry Simon!
We would have stayed for longer but the kids were pulling at our arms in the dusk and begging to go home to bed!

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  1. Thank you Gina. Your kind words flatter me no end.
    May we all stay 12 forever - cha cha cha!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gina, what can I say? Very kind words indeed.
    May we all stay 12 years old forever - cha cha cha!!!!!! Jane