Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Auntie Carrie!!!


My sister has finally finished her Thesis and has booked a well deserved trip to Australia to relax and de-stress!

She is due to arrive in Sydney this Saturday morning and will spend four weeks with us in Toronto and then a week in Sydney with my brother Joe.

The kids are hyper. We were chatting this morning about what we should put under her pillow. We have a tradition within the Sheeran family where treats are hidden under the pillow of the visitor. As soon as that person arrives they are shown to their bed where they have to pretend to be utterly exhausted from their travels. They lie down to shrieks of excitement from the kids and of course they have to grumble about how lumpy and bumpy their guest bed is before finally "finding" their treats hidden under their heads! Gareth is very excited. He wants to have some Cadbury chocolates by the door with a note saying "To Carrie, we love you, from us"

I am really looking forward to showing Carrie around our new lives that we have built here, the kids school, Rathmines park, our friends and of course the new house. We may even have the keys by the time she is due to go home. For those of you that don't know Carrie here are a few of my favourite photos that were taken the last time I went to Ireland just before we emigrated.....

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