Thursday, February 08, 2007

House Build week 21: Lock-up.

We have reached "Lock-up"

An important milestone that sees the front door and garage doors in place.

This effectively brings an end to our sneaking through the open front door gap and wandering around to have a nosey at what changes are happening inside.

Although I should have felt delighted to see the front door in place I felt a bit of an anti-climax.

We strained to look through the windows around the ground floor of the house and caught a tantalising glimpse of our new staircase sweeping up to the upper floor where last week we had climbed a wobbly ladder. We spied two baths sitting on the floor of the family office! One for the kids bathroom and the big spa bath for our en-suite.

We tried in vain to open each of the sliding patio doors, laundry room door and garage door but they were all locked tight. Byron was heading back to the car with Gareth. I racked my brain for any idea of how to get inside and then had a brainwave! A small panel of glass was missing from the laundry room window. Maybe if I reached my arm in and tried to open the external laundry room door from the inside.....


The door clicked open and we were in! It was so exciting seeing the stairs in place and the kids climbed them two at a time to see their bedrooms! The gyprock and coving has all been put in place and the rooms just need skirting boards and a lick of paint to be finished! Here are some photos...

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  1. You are like a naughty child of 5!! Well done for breaking and entering.

  2. wow! thats the best stairs i've ever seen! tall, elegant and stylish, just like by wonderful big sister! xxx