Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pancake Tuesday

We have tried to get in a habit of having Anne and Kel join us for a meal once a week and Tuesday is the evening that seems to suit us all at the moment.

We are all trying to eat healthily as summer eating has caught up on all our waistlines! We agreed to a healthy meal of marinaded lean steak on the BBQ with a salad and potatoes with no extra butter.

Not bad so far I thought. The meal was great and we were feeling happily full when Mr B suddenly has a flash of inspiration. It's pancake Tuesday and we had all forgotten until he said it out loud.

There was a brief moment where our consciences were debating the pros and cons of eating something totally unhealthy when we were already full up from dinner.....

The pros won and out came the flour, eggs and weighing scales. The kids joined in with great enthusiasm.

Within minutes the plates were piling up with pancakes, vanilla ice-cream and maple syrup!

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