Wednesday, February 28, 2007

St Davids Day...Almost!

It's St Davids Day tomorrow. The Welsh patron saint day where any self-respecting Welsh person will surround themselves with Daffodils, Leeks, and all things dragon-like.....

Of course if you live away from the holy land of Cymru then the significance of telling the world you are Welsh becomes a bigger and more urgent task.

Carrie and myself went shopping today looking for anything that we could use to make the house look more Welsh.

We bought the ingredients for Dragon pie and I spent the afternoon with my scalpel carving a Welsh dragon from frozen pastry ready to put on top of the "dragon" filling. We even found a "Dragon egg" Easter egg! Perfect!

Before the kids went to bed we hung up a large Welsh flag in our bedroom, laid out cards from his family in Wales and all of our Welsh paraphernalia creating a virtual Welsh alter below the flag!

The Dragon-pie is made and in the fridge, the breakfast tray is laid with yellow cloth, Welsh mugs and the obligatory leek, the dragon egg is hidden under Gareth's bed.......!

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!!!

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  1. Hi Byron My computer locked up when i started to read your sentimental story,hope all are well speak soon,up the bluebirds.We have our first trophy in the cabinet this season.