Saturday, February 17, 2007

House Build week 22: New Kitchen

Lots more progress on the interior of the house this week.

The small window is still smashed in the Laundry room so we still have a way to sneak in in the evenings when the builders have gone home.

I had another (official!) site visit this week with Paul Jones the site-supervisor and was given a run down on all the recent changes and the changes to come over the next week. Byron couldn't come with me as he was in Sydney but he had coached me on the phone to look surprised when I went in (after all I shouldn't have seen the recent changes, should I?) I tried hard to sound amazed at the wonderful sight of the ceiling covings and noticed the site supervisor looking a bit strange at me...What had I said wrong? "But the stairs Gina?" he said "Isn't the stairs great?" I had climbed them so often this week in the evenings I forgot that they were probably the most obvious big change since my last official visit! Not sure if I got away with that one!
Shortly afterwards Paul explained that a new pane of glass had been ordered for the broken window in the laundry and it would be replaced over the next week. I tried to look nonchalant but was cursing inside. I was hoping we might get away with that one for a while longer....

We went back into the house again today and were delighted to see that the kitchen has been installed. All that is needed is the appliances and the counter tops which will arrive much closer to the handover date.

The bathroom cabinets have also been installed and the bath surrounds have been made in preparation for the baths to be sat into them. The kids bath has been sat in the middle of Rhiannon's bedroom floor which she found quite amusing!

She brought a pencil and paper with her today and sat on her bedroom floor and drew pictures of ideas she had for decorating her new room. She is probably looking forward to the move more than anyone else as she is sharing with Gareth at the moment and is finding it hard now that he won't play Care Bears and Polly Pocket in the mornings with her!

Although the bathrooms are coming along the toilets are not yet in place and there is a Portaloo in the corner of the garden for the builders to use. Gareth has taken to deciding he needs a wee on each visit to the house and takes great delight in getting down to business in the fresh air next to the Portaloo! The plants are thriving in this corner. I hope we can persuade him to break this habit after we have moved in!

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