Thursday, February 22, 2007

House Build week 23: Tiles

Week 23 and we are on the countdown to getting the keys!

The tilers have been working hard this week. An Italian father and son team. The Dad is first generation Italian and shouts at everyone in Italian with a cigarette in one hand and tiles at the speed of light with the other. The son has an Aussie accent and interprets for his Dad while cutting tiles as fast as his Dad is laying them! It was comical to watch but we have heard that they are the best tilers in the area.

Gareth stood watching them for ages while we were talking to the site supervisor and I am sure he learnt some interesting use of the Italian language!

The big changes this week are obviously that there are now tiles on the bathroom floors and also on our Balcony. The final gyprock wall has also been completed under the staircase and it looks great.

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