Monday, February 26, 2007

Carrie has arrived!

My little sister Carrie arrived in Toronto today having spent the weekend in Sydney with my brother Joe and his family.

The kids thought she was arriving on a train in the late afternoon and that we would go straight to the train station from School to collect her. She really arrived in the morning and went to the school to collect them with me!
The kids were very excited to see her waiting on the school steps in her green Irish rugby shirt! Carrie had brought me a new rugby shirt too which she insisted I wear too so we both got a few funny looks from the other parents. They must have been thinking that St Patricks day was early this year!
We had a busy afternoon racing around to swimming and then home where the kids wanted Carrie to have a lie down on her "lumpy" pillow! To great squeals of excitement from the kids she found the various cards, pictures, magazine, chocolate and presents hidden under her pillows! We had to taste the chocolate to be sure it was nice.

Next Carrie produced lots of gifts from her suitcase, new swimmers, glow in the dark bugs, bouncy balls and some Irish chocolate for a bit of a taste compare and contrast!

They are all cuddled up on the sofa now watching a film before bed. Carrie doesn't know it yet but she has a very early start in the morning because the kids want her to go on the school run at 8am!!!

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