Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ireland V England

I am not normally passionate about Rugby (or any sport for that matter)

However when once a year Ireland play against England I can't help but get excited about the result...

And what a result!

Ireland 43 - England 13 !!!!

"Thug gach duine rud éigin, thug daoine áirithe a raibh acu."

Here is a little quote from my Dad that he wrote to me in an email celebrating the victory...

Soccor is a gentleman's game played by gentlemen.
Rugby is a gentleman's game played by savages.
Gaelic football is a savage's game played by savages!!!

Oh, and if you are wondering what the earlier saying means...
"Everyone gave something, some people gave all they had."
I think it sums up the Irish team on the day!

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  1. Mr Ryan of Ryan Air said he'd give away 1000,000 flights if Ireland won, so it was a no lose for the English. In fact I think the players threw the match just to get the great British public some free holidays.

    The English are that kind of warm hearted people.


  2. A great positive attitude Charles!
    Helps get you through those dark days of defeat!!! Shame Mr Ryan didn't offer free flights to Oz for disillusioned English men so that they could be cheared up by a night of good food and "craic" with their favourite Irish friends....!