Saturday, February 03, 2007


When we lived in Northampton we tried to get our regular babysitter Harriet to let us out once a month to go to the cinema or a meal. We said we would try to do the same once we were settled here in Oz.

Finally 16 months down the line and we have found ourselves a local girl to come and watch the kids so we can have a night out! It is great to know that we can pay someone so that we can go out for no special reason. When you ask a friend or relative you feel that it needs to be a really important occasion.

We asked the babysitter to come at 6.30pm as a local cinema had a double feature starting at 7pm. We raced there and queued up only to see the last tickets sold to the man in front of us. We drove on into Newcastle on a whim and parked near the water and settled in a pub/restaurant called The Brewery.

We had a great meal and sat and watched the moon rise. It was an amazing shade of reddish orange.

After the meal I had a wicked cocktail called a "Naomi Cambell" It hit me across the face with its handbag and got sentenced to 60 hours community service. I'm getting carried away! It was like a smack in the chops though as it was made with Tia-Maria, Creme de cacoa, Ameretto and cream. Delicious!!! When we left The Brewery we went for a walk along the beach under the moon light, very romantic but a bit chilly in my strappy top.

It was a wonderful evening and we will have to try to do it more often.

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