Sunday, February 04, 2007

Surprise visit by Baby Cian

We had a lovely surprise this morning. Rhonda arrived up to the lake for a flying visit while my brother Joe was on a stags weekend in Newcastle. She called in for an hour with Cian and the kids were delighted. He is getting big and is full of smiles. He is straining to sit up and loves grabbing anything that comes his way. Sian was loving it when he kept grabbing her hair and nose. She didn't try very hard to keep out of his reach! Here is a photo of them having a cuddle on the sofa.

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  1. Hey Byron,
    Did you get the result of the Wales v Ireland rugby match? Maybe looking at the score down under might look more in favour of the Welsh!! Did the wooden spoon emigrate in the suitcases??!!You might need it!
    Blog is looking great. We'll keep you posted in the Six Nations if you're interested,
    Fiona+Martin x

  2. Ouch! We saw a brief news report as we ate our breakfast. We saw some dramatic blood on one players face but no explanation about how it happened? Was it friendly or foul?

    P.S. can you get Fiona to forward her new email to Gina as she can't remember it....