Thursday, February 01, 2007

House Build week 20: Gyprock

It's week 20 of our house build out of 30 weeks in total so we are heading into the final third of this adventure!

So far the house has flown up incredibly dramatically. The builder said this week that we are still on schedule and may even be finished by week 28!

The inside of the house has changed amazingly over the last two weeks with plumbers, carpenters, electricians and air-con engineers all getting on with their parts of the build. The internal walls went up this week. They call it "gyprock" here but we know it as plaster-board. It gives a real sense of definition to see the rooms take shape. The kids are very excited as they now can see clearly which room is their bedroom etc. I think this will help Gareth in particular with the transition into the new house.

This photo is taken from the kitchen and shows the kids in the open plan eating area where we will put our main dinner table. It has sliding doors on the left of the photo that lead out to the back garden and a large bay window that I hope to build a window seat into. This room will have a good clear view of the back garden and hopefully our swimming pool (whenever we can afford one!)

This photo is taken in the same room but with me turned around 180 degrees. It is the kitchen end of the same room. You can see the plumbing for the kitchen sink under the window and on the very left of the photo you can just see the door frame for the laundry room. The kitchen will be fitted over the next few weeks and is where Byron keeps telling the builders that I will be spending most of my time!!!

One last photo for todays blog.... This is the most important room in the house for you.....

Yes! It's the spare room! It is downstairs at the front of the house and has a great view of gum trees in the reserve and even a small glimpse of the lake!

Best bedroom in the house and currently expecting visitors during 9 of the next 12 months! No more bookings being taken for 2007. Think we will have to raise our prices in 2008 to put you lot off!

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  1. We like it already, let us know when you're ready to take bookings for 2008.