Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Back in the saddle.

We have been here for almost six months now. We have survived our first Australian summer (with the help of air-con!) Now that it is Autumn and the weather is cooling down we decided we should put back together the family bikes. With much cursing and dropping of spanners all bikes have now got two wheels fixed back on. I was wondering how I would get on with Gareth sitting in the child seat on the back of my bike as he is heavier than Rhiannon! After I dropped the girls to school this morning we had a test cycle along a long straight road with tarmac as smooth as silk. Gar loved it and kept up a running commentary of what he could see. As the road started to climb slightly and my speed dropped Gareth kept shouting "Faster! Faster! Faster!" It wasn't long before my legs were screaming out for mercy and we turned around and free wheeled home. It was very enjoyable but something tells me either I need to get fitter or Gar needs to learn to cycle his own bike!

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