Thursday, April 06, 2006


Gareth has never enjoyed having his hair cut. In fact it usually means Byron grabbing Gareths head between his hands and holding him down while I run the clippers over a screaming, crying scarred-for-life child.

When we arrived here in Oz we noticed that none of the little boys around had short cropped hair and most of them had a real mop on their heads. Apparently if they ever see a little boy with a very short hair cut it is assumed they had nits! As you know we are embracing this new culture and so Gar has had 6 months of freedom from the dreaded clippers. We finally decided he needed a trim when his fringe grew down past his eyes! We thought he should have a proper scissors and comb haircut and asked Anne if she would oblige. We didn't really tell her how much he would hate it, we thought we would just throw her in the deep end!

Anyway, we sat him on a barstool out on Annes balcony so he could watch the rainbow lorikeets flying back and forth to the bird feeder. We stood back and waited for the screams as Anne approached with the scissors..... Nothing happened! He laughed and sang nursery rhymes and chatted about the birds! Result!!! He can now see again just in time for Nanny and Grandads visit over from Wales this weekend! Thanks Anne!

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