Sunday, April 23, 2006

Rhiannons Birthday

Rhiannon wanted a party at home this year. She only wanted a small group of friends which worked out to be really calm and enjoyable.

For the first hour they just all played really nicely in the rumpus room leaving all us adults standing around chatting and catching up. Then in the second hour we had to rev them up a gear to play pass-the-parcel and eat the birthday food before it was time for home.

It seemed to fly by & with Nanny and Grandad helping to tidy up afterwards it was probably the least stressful party we've ever had!

She got some lovely presents and went shopping today swinging her new handbag on her arm, wearing a lovely pair of new bright pink woolly winter tights with a summer skirt (doesn't get her fashion sense from my side of the family!)

As soon as we got home she was changed into her cat outfit and made a few necklaces with her bead set before getting stuck into some sponge painting!

A big "Thank-you" to all of her friends who made it such a lovely day!

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