Friday, April 28, 2006

Visit Over

My folks returned back to the UK today.

They've been here for almost 3 weeks now and I hope they now appreciate why we made the move last October. It's been absolutely great having them here; showing them the lake, beaches, the people we know and also the beautiful scenery that surrounds us. I missed them, and it was great to catch up.

Of course, it's been heart-warming for me to see them interacting so well with the kids. The children have just been great, and have been more than spoilt by 'Nanny and Grandad'. It was almost as though we've never been away and the kids stuck to them like glue. Even Gareth, so often a daddy's boy wanted Grandad to take him to the toilet everytime instead of me - sweet relief !!

Looking back over this blog for the past couple of weeks just shows what a busy time we've had, but all of it great fun and I'd do it all again tomorrow...The highlights of their visit probably include:

- Hunter Valley and the wine extravaganza
- Shoal Bay and the dolphins
- Picnic at Blackbutt reserve
- Sian learning to cycle
- Rhiannon losing her teeth
- BBQ breakfasts ... and lunches... and evening meals...
- Heritage Afloat in Toronto

Without realising it, I suppose Gina and I were probably trying to justify to them why we decided to emigrate, and it also brought it home to us what exactly we have managed to achieve in the past 6 months. We feel part of this community at the moment, and wanted to show them that both the kids and us were both comfortable and settled, and that we had absolutely no regrets about our decision to leave the UK.

Was it emotional collecting the pale-skinned grandparents at the airport?
Of course.

Was it emotional dropping the newly tanned grandparents back to the airport?
Of course.

Did I hide any sign of emotion, whatsoever?
Of course.

Did they now I had a lump in my throat saying goodbye?
What do you think?

I'd like to say a big 'Thank You' for everyone here who made my parents so welcome on their visit (you know who you are) - they were truly delighted to be the centre of attention for a while !

Enough already, I'm getting all sentimental.

Bring on the next visitors, Nashy in June and then Josie and Stef in August...

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  1. Thanks for a great time. We feel a lot happier now having seen how well you've settled in. Looking forward to the next time.