Monday, April 17, 2006


We went to Shoal Bay today, and this was one of the places that we visited a few years ago that made Gina and I realise that perhaps we should come and live in Australia. It is a beautiful location with fabulous beaches, clear waters and best of all the dolphins.

It was a place that I just HAD to take my folks to see, and although we thought we would get stuck in the Easter holiday traffic it turned out that we were almost the only people there...bliss.

After a quick splash around in the sea (with Sian happily swimming), we booked in for a trip on a Dolphin Watch boat. It involved motoring around a large bay until dolphins were spotted, and it didn't take us to long...we were absolutely spoilt by the number of them swimming and darting all around the boat.

It was a case of 'Look there', 'now over there' and 'take a picture, quick!', and before long one or two of us were fast asleep...

Once the boat trip was finished, we headed back to the beach to watch the sun go down, the colours were amazing and it really made a great end to the day splashing at the water's edge.

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