Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rhiannons "Real" Birthday!

At last, it is finally Rhiannons "Real" Birthday! She has been excited about her party last week but today she really is 6 and boy do we know it! There has been excited giggling coming from her bedroom since about 7am. Finally about half an hour later she couldn't contain herself and came into our bedroom like a tornado! We needed ear plugs! She was absolutely hyper!

There was a mad frenzy of unwrapping presents and lots of shouting "Thank-you" into the air. (We have told them that if they shout it loud enough it might travel around the world!) Her first present was a football (didn't manage to disguise the wrapping on that one very well!) Then a football goal. This was the only thing she had been asking for.

After that everything else was just a whirlwind of excitement; clothes, fishing game, twirling ribbons, Bratz dolls, purses!
Thanks so much for all the parcels, some were sent so far in advance that I had trouble remembering where I had hidden them! We will put up more pictures later of the rest of the day but here are a few for now.....

And later on....

Grandad and Nanny put together the new football goal (easier said than done!) and we all had a spirited game of football on the deck which involved very few rules and two footballs! Rhiannon decided to wear a pair of Gareths welly boots but was still almost unstoppable as the "goaler" (we couldn't persuade her it was goalie!)

After playing the tomboy all afternoon she got dressed up into the flower girl dress that was made for her nearly 3 years ago and danced around the front garden waiting for Anne, Kel and Tenelle to join us for her birthday tea. It was somewhere about then that I nearly severed my thumb off with the carving knife and rushed away for paper stitches but that is a whole new story! Finally we all sat down and had a lovely roast lamb dinner followed by a fantastic marshmallow and red-berry dessert that Charles & Sue taught us (bag of frozen fruit topped with bag of marshmallows in the BBQ for 30 mins till it all goes sticky and melted- YUM!)

It was a lovely end to a busy day and we finished it all of with singing "Happy Birthday" to Rhiannon who really looked like she had had a brilliant day.

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