Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Anne!

It will be Annes birthday later this week but she will be in Sydney cheering on Kel in a pistol shooting competition. Our kids love any excuse for a party and some cake so we decided to celebrate a bit early.

Sian made the cake almost entirely herself (it was a Cadburys chocolate box mix!) and apart from cracking one of the eggs onto the kitchen floor I think she did a wonderful job!

Gareth was so excited about giving her one of her presents that he had helped to buy. It was a craft hammer that I had carefully wrapped up in thin pink tissue paper so that you could see exactly what shape it was! Anne did a wonderful job of "wondering" what it could be but of course Gareth couldn't contain his excitement and shouted "It's a hammer!" Well done Anne for looking so amazed and surprised!

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