Sunday, April 09, 2006

A busy day!

We have had another exciting day with Myan and Den today. Byron and myself talked before they came over and agreed it would be best to let them have a relaxing holiday, not trying to do too many things in any one day- after all we have three weeks to show them around.... I think in the excitement of having them here he has totally forgotten our conversation!

He brought them on a walk early this morning to the local park and jetty in Kilaben Bay. Then on to Blackbutt for a big picnic lunch where we showed them the Koalas and kangaroos on another nice long walk around the reserve. In the car on the way home he detoured to a beach where we went for another walk in very fresh and bracing wind!

Just when we thought we were finally on the way home, he yet again detoured to a lovely boat club in Belmont so we could have fish and chips overlooking the yachts bobbing around on the lake! The kids were so exhausted when we finally got home that they were bathed and in bed within half an hour and Byron and his folks are crashed out on the sofa! It's only 8pm and I can't see tonight being a late one!!!

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  1. fantastic pictures, mam already looks like she has a tan, love the hats, Sian's definetly a disco diva who is she like dancing all night? eh mam !