Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hunter Valley

We were a bit hung over this morning and were in two minds as to whether we should do a big day trip to the Hunter Valley Vineyards. Anne made our minds up by telling us that Kel had made a phone call to a friend at Tyrrell's Winery and we were going to get the red carpet behind-the-scenes tour if we went up. 10 minutes later and we were all in the car!

We had a fabulous day wandering around the beautiful Hunter Valley gardens. We had the most huge delicious sandwiches for lunch, and then on to Tyrrells....

We weren't disappointed, Annes Cousin Mike and Kels friend Greg made us feel like royalty. We were allowed all around the working areas of the winery including the special atmospherically controlled bottling room. It was really amazing to see all the large crates being packed with bottles that will probably be heading all over the world, maybe some will even make their way to Tesco Northampton where we used to buy most of our wine! We bought a great case of their different red wines and are looking forward to opening one or two this evening when the kids go to bed!

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  1. hi everyone looks like easter was very exciting for you, well! i can't believe how quickly mam & dads holiday is going, the romantic embracing on the beach & everywher else it seems, and why not!! we loved the pics of the dolphins, the magical rainbow with a wonderful surprise for rhiannon wow! sians birthday cake for anne looked really good, well done sian hope it tasted yummy!!sian looked like she was enjoying her bike, clever girl. what about gareths early pressie, well what a cool looking bike.
    by, gina hope you are enjoying spoiling mam & dad i've no doubt the commitment is 100%, thank youxxx wales is overcast, although some bright spells have been forcast, yeah we'll see. yesterday was a sunny day and lou and i went to swansea for her interview, she loved swansea uni. and they loved lou, the women were fancying her hair, shoes, clothes ,the men just fancied lou!!! if she gets accepted she'll have a hard decision to make, she always thought uni glam was best. 10 - 14 day wait.
    kerry working his socks off dfs & stokes everyday this week, he also party hards, i counted x4 pairs of anonymous shoes in hallway at 8am today.
    finally dad, your garden looks beautiful, you won't be disappointed, i've only picked a few flowers but smelt them all xxxxx love to you all julx

  2. Hunter Valley; now you're talking!
    Beats my blackberry and elderberry.
    Ron and Sylvia