Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Cliffes

The Cliffe family came to visit this weekend, and as they're heading on back to the UK to live later this year we've now realised that we won't have many more weekends with them - it's a shame because they're great company.

As usual, they came laden with alcohol and food which is always a good sign. Gina already had the lamb marinating in preparation for the evening bbq so the kitchen smelt superb.

The idea was to take them to a local picnic area, so once the cars were packed we headed off. Well, that was the plan, except something strange is definitely happening here's some clues:

- I started looking for socks
- The kids weren't in a hurry to open the front door
- The trees in the back garden were at a funny angle
- The air conditioner didn't need to be turned on
- We didn't need the suncream

Okay, okay, most of you will be pleased to hear that it's actually getting 'chilly' here. It's a real shock to the system I can tell you! Whatever happened to paradise?

So, we arrived at the picnic spot, and in almost gale force winds proceeded to lay down a picnic table with food while the kids took pitiful shelter in a toy train. After a few minutes it was obvious that this wasn't where we were meant to be as food was blowing everywhere and even the wine glasses weren't playing ball. Surprisingly, the kids didn't mind being told to get back into the car to go home...

Picnic back in the house it was then.

Regardless of the weather, we later ended up going for a long walk along the lake foreshore. Although cooler, we were in a sheltered bay and so managed to keep the kids running around in a futile attempt to get them tired so that they'd sleep well tonight.

Although Charles wasn't keen on the idea, I was determined to have a meal on the balcony this evening - after all, you have to have at least ONE meal a day outside. So, all wrapped up, the evening BBQ went very well and at least the cool air kept the mozzies at bay. Gina made some of her infamous spicy salsa which also kept us warm...nice one Mrs B.

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  1. It was a great evening, even if it was a bit cold.

    The Aussie winter is on its way :-(