Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Eczema robots

The girls have had eczema since they were born. Sian has the worst skin and we are constantly putting steroids on it and not winning the battle. We finally got in to see a dermatologist yesterday. We were only allowed one appointment and so we let Sian have it. The dermatologist was very good and when he saw that Rhiannon had the same skin he wrote double prescriptions and gave us double the amount of bandages to take home but only charged for one consultation (which at this time of year was a real bonus)

He has recommended that they both go to the pediatric respiratory unit at the John Hunter Hospital to have allergy testing. Unfortunately for them he doesn't want the pain free patch tests but instead wants the slightly more painful prick testing done. The list of things they are to be tested for is longer than Santa's shopping list!

In the meantime he has taught us a new (for us) technique called wet bandaging. We have to apply the steroids, a thick layer of emollient and then put a cotton tube bandage that has soaked in warm water and finally bandage everything in lace with crepe bandages. He wants them on day and night and swears that they will be eczema free in just a couple of days. He said that if we do it nighttime only (bearing in mind it is Christmas and they may feel embarrassed being out and about swaddled up like a dummy) they will still improve significantly.

And so last night we applied the bandages for the first time. I was expecting them to complain about them being restrictive or hot. Instead they both were in their usual high spirits and danced around the kitchen pretending to be zombified mummies and eczema robots!

This morning when we stripped down and reapplied the dressings I was pleased to see that the skin looks paler and less inflamed. Maybe just the effect of not being scratched in their sleep. Who knows. All I care about is that my eczema robots are happy!

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