Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Worth waiting for!


At long last the final piece of paper work arrived from the UK to submit to the Nurses and Midwives Board in Sydney. It arrived on Christmas eve. I had been told I needed to submit everything in person by the end of 2008. I found out that there were only two more working days in December that the Board would be open. Today and tomorrow. I arranged to go down today even though they warned me that it would be very busy and I would have a long wait when I got there.

Two hours on a train and another hour queuing with a ticket clutched in my hand when finally they called my number. I handed over all my transcripts and references and then went back in the queue to be interviewed by the professional officer. I wasn't feeling very positive at this stage.

I had been told that when I submitted everything my file would be put forward to the Board for an individual review at one of their monthly meetings. January's agenda was already set so February would be the earliest I could hope for. Then if the board were happy with my paperwork I would be offered the chance to be enrolled on the "Overseas Nurse Conversion Course"

This course is a $10,000 3 month full time course in Sydney. 8.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Apart from the cost I couldn't see how I could juggle the kids and do this course without spending either Monday to Friday away from them or driving 4 hours each day. I wasn't that hopeful that it was going to work out.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when the officer enthusiastically read through my transcript and my reference from my boss at Northampton General Hospital and with a smile ticked and signed multiple pieces of paper and told me she could issue me with full registration on the spot! No course, no $10,000, no restrictions on my practise, no more waiting!

I am so excited, and nervous, my head is still spinning. I am working as an Assistant nurse today and tomorrow and then on Monday I will meet with the Director of Nursing to discuss working as a fully registered nurse!

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  1. FAntastic news, they know when they see a good thing, well done!!
    Does that mean you can stop fraternising with the muscley porters??..I bet you wish you hadn't had the initiation tatoo now? Cathy