Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Wow! Have we got three lucky kids in our house. Santa came and brought some great presents!

Gareth got a new bike. It is HUGE. We think Santa might have slightly over estimated Gareths leg length. He sure wont grow out of it in a hurry!

Rhiannon got a "Littlest Pet Shop" gym. Essentially a toy to use with lots of plastic toy pets she has been buying with her pocket money over the last year.

Sian got something that we had been reluctant to commit to. A guinea pig cage!

That surely proves that Santa really does exist because Mum and Dad were not sure if they wanted furry animals taking over the house!

We had a lovely day opening presents, eating chocolates, opening more presents,talking on the phone to Grandparents overseas, eating lunch, eating more chocolates, eating nuts, swimming and finally crashing in front of the tv with the last of the chocolates, and some bags of nuts, and a bottle of wine.

I'm stuffed. Roll on January when I am going on a diet and exercising EVERY day and getting so super fit and slim... Yeah right, now where were those last few chocolates!

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  1. wow i'm impressed Santa is amazing i know how you feel about amimals. Karen