Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas at Hunter Valley

We had a lovely night last night. Some friends came back to our house after mass and we had a Christmassy evening of traditional mulled wine, mince pies and shortbread Christmas trees. We also had some not so traditional chai tea, wasabi peas and Bombay mix! It was a late evening with our visitors leaving sometime after 11pm! The joy of having kids that are out of nappies. Our three angels let us sleep in till 8.30am!

We had a lazy cup of tea in bed and then asked them what we should do for the day. Gareth suggested driving to Hunter Valley. We voted and jumped in the car! It was a lovely day and we wandered around the shops buying a few last minute Christmas treats including a lovely cinnamon candle from the candle shop.

We stopped at a vineyard on the way home and wandered around the vines and explored their mini museum of old wine making equipment. One of the machines reminded us of Grandad Joe! It was a "bottle cleaning machine" We have heard the story of Dads childhood job of cleaning the beer bottles for the family business "Sheerans Pub" I wonder if you had a modern machine like this to help you out Dad? Next time you come visit we will bring you back and you can tell us (once again!) the story of being in the pub basement after closing hour washing beer bottles in cold water. The young of today never had it so easy!

We just had time for a cold can of fizzy orange before heading home in time for me to head out to work.

A lovely day.

Thanks for the idea Gar!

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