Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The REAL Christmas concert!

OK, apart from the blood and guts and drama of the post above this one we really enjoyed this years school Christmas concert. It was set outside in the school playground under the late evening sunshine. We sat around on blankets and chairs and ate our picnic tea while the kids performed on the steps.

Gareth obviously missed his carol singing debut but the kindy kids carried on giving a very spirited performance of "I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus"

Year 3 did a brilliant version of the nativity story. It was very humorous and lots of kids had roles.

Rhiannon was an angel. How far from the truth can you get?!

Then the school choir sang a few songs. Rhiannon stood next to her friend Natalie and looked more her usual self in this role!

Year 5 did a song about the 12 days of Christmas "Aussie style"

Sian had a part at the front playing handball which she loves. She did some groovy dancing along with her friend Gemma at the chorus.

And so ended a dramatic but fun Christmas concert. Certainly not one we will forget in a hurry....

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