Tuesday, December 09, 2008

School Christmas concert.

Christmas concerts are supposed to be memorable, aren't they? You take lots of photos to remember the event in the years ahead? Well tonight's concert sure was very memorable, but I didn't take photos to remember why...

5 minutes before Gareth's class were due to start the carol singing Gareth decided to see if he could fly. He jumped from one aluminium bench to another, quite spectacularly missing and landed flat on his face on the concrete. A screaming Gar was rushed over to us by the older kids, blood all over his mouth. We thought he had done big damage as an area of the gum with a tooth in it was moving independently of the rest of the gum.

Byron brought him down to the emergency out of hours doctor while I stayed behind with Sian and Rhiannon. The verdict was that there was nothing much to be done until he could have dental x-rays the next day to see if any teeth in the jaw were broken. Byron brought him home, dosed him up with children's paracetamol and cuddled him to sleep.

The next day he woke up happy as Larry. Not a complaint to be heard. The gum was still swollen and one tooth was still wobbly but he didn't seem bothered at all. We went to the dentist in the afternoon. The x-rays were perfect. No damage done at all. The piece of gum that we had thought was broken from the rest had miraculously gone back to normal. It turns out that the tooth that had been pushed backwards into his mouth had flipped its root forward out of the gum, looking dramatically like a piece of gum had broken but it all went back inside the gum while he was sleeping. No treatment needed except to watch out for a gum infection and to see if the backwards facing tooth causes trouble eating. If it does we will bring him back to the dentist to pull it but hopefully it will fall out when it is good and ready.

How lucky can we be?!

Now read on and I will tell you all about the real Christmas concert in the next blog....

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