Friday, December 26, 2008

St Stephen's Day Sand / Boxing day Bliss!

Whatever you call today, St Stephen's Day or Boxing day, we had a great one!

We called in to see my brother Joe, Rhonda and little Cian who are visiting Anne and Kel's house for the next week.

It was great to see them and to exchange gifts with them face to face.

Cian is at a fun age now where he can be given a gift to pass to someone. He looked around and always toddled his way to the the right person. He was able to unwrap his own gifts too which was fun to watch.

After a couple of hours we left for Caves beach. We had all yesterday left overs in an Esky on ice so we had a great picnic when we got out of the car.

When the food was gone we left the Esky in the boot of the car and went down to the beach.

I don't think we had ever seen the car park so busy and yet because it is a lovely long beach it didn't feel crowded.

We spent 3 hours splashing in the water, walking through the rock pools and enjoying some chill out time together as a family.

When we got home we threw the kids in the pool with a new pool toy from Anne. A HUGE octopus that measured over 3 meters from tentacle to tentacle!

Byron couldn't resist getting in too with his new inflatable beer and snack pool tray from Joe and Rhonda.

We have never really encouraged food and drink by the poolside but with a new present like this you have to make an exception!

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