Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last day at school 2008

Today was the last day of school for this academic year.

In January the kids will return and will move up a year and have new teachers. It is always a very sad day saying goodbye to the wonderful teachers that have made a huge difference to your child. Someone who has nurtured them and taught them and done for them everything you wish you could do for that huge chunk of the day they spend away from the safety of their house and family.

This year all three kids had amazing teachers. Mrs Elbourne turned a timid and sensitive 5yr old Gareth into a confident but still caring boy who can now stand up for himself.

Mrs Cootes nurtured our eccentric little Rhiannon who struggled with spelling and maths and praised her efforts and encouraged her artistic side bringing out the little actress in her for morning presentations with poetry and dressing up. Surprisingly by encouraging all of Rhiannon's artistic strengths she miraculously improved Rhiannon's academic ability by leaps and bounds.

And finally, Mrs Williams, she had our eager-to-please-high-achiever Sian and kept her motivated to learn and even managed to slow her down a little from rushing through her school work. She brought her away for camp and provided the chance for Sian (the shortest kid in the class by far) to grow in confidence so she returned with an extra spring in her step and I swear she looked taller!

All in a great year. Great teachers, sadness in our hearts to know that we will not have these great teachers again in January but happy that they have spent a year bringing out the individual best in our three fantastic kids.

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