Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas smells

What do I like about Christmas?

The smells!

The smell of pine from the real tree in the corner.

The smell from our (finally finished + hanging) Christmas Clove Oranges.

The smell of cookies straight out of the oven!

Today I have taken advantage of the first day of the holidays by spending the morning mixing and cutting with Gar while Sian and Rhiannon play with their friends Sophie and Gemma upstairs.

We used our cookie press which is a fiddle but eventually makes some great festive shaped biscuits.

We also used a great Christmas tree shape that leaves an indentation of a star and baubles in the cookies and some new cookie cutters that arrived over from Granny and Grandad in Ireland as an extra pre-Christmas surprise!

I love extra surprises! Keep them coming Mum!

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