Monday, October 05, 2009

4 years ago today...

4 years ago today we stepped off a plane to begin our new lives "Down Under"

The last 4 years have been sunny and happy with only the occasional rain storm. When the rain poured down I'd like to think we splashed in the puddles.

We are very fortunate to be living such a great life in such a wonderful country. Life is what you make it and our life is good!

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  1. What a wonderful picture!! I always tell my sons that life is what you make of it. No truer words have been spoken. : )

    ~ Wendy

  2. COngrats Gina!
    It is a lovely place to live....
    Funny though how i cant wait to travel around Ireland one day LOL

  3. Happy Anniversary ~ wishing all your days are sunny and happy "down under"! Love the photo....they are all too cute!!

  4. have we really put up with you this long sorry i mean wow thats gone so fast no really it has been great having you as friends may there be many more years to come and many more stories. karen

  5. Oh, I just love that picture! They look so happy to participate!! :)

    Happy 4 Years!

  6. Welcome to the land of Oz glad you love it, my hubby would love to visit Ireland one day as that is where his family origins are, thanks for visiting my blog enjoyed reading yours will be back. Lxx