Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blog Makeover.

We started this blog back in 2005, using a standard Blogger template. As I have visited more and more of your blogs I am amazed at the designs and individuality they display. For ages now Byron and myself have said we should do a make over of sorts. I know there are many affordable blog makeover fairies out there but being stubborn we are determined to do this ourselves.

We want to keep the basic number of columns and proportions the same so that the formatting on the older posts doesn't  look like a kid on a sugar rush! In our family, I take the photos and fix cut knees, Byron being a computer programmer fixes anything pc related.  He has been modifying a potential new design and I have been shown how to crop a photo to an exact number of pixels for the header bar. I always crop photos to a size dimension (6x4 etc) so this pixel stuff is new to me. In theory we are not too far away from me giving Byron a few family pictures for him to insert in the header of the new design. I am hoping that in the future I would be able to replace the header photo now and then especially at different times of the year: Christmas, Easter etc.

I just thought I would pre-warn those loyal readers of ours (especially grandparents and those less computer literate) not to think you have lost the link to our blog if someday soon you log on and it doesnt have the familiar colour scheme! For those more seasoned bloggers, Dont raise your hopes too high, compared to some of the unique blogs you have designed and written this will be a simple make over. Sorry to keep  you in suspense. Hopefully over the next week we will update the template. Looking forward to your feedback when we do!

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  1. Oh Gina!
    I can't wait to see your new blog look!
    Meanwhile here is a link where you can find help. I have learn many things from this blog "Blogger Sentral"
    Have a lovely day!

  2. Can't wait! :)

  3. Looking forward to your brave, new look!

  4. LOVE the photo in the header on this page......very nice look!