Monday, October 26, 2009

Escaped snake!

We went to a Birthday party last weekend at Blackbutt Reserve. The park rangers brought the kids into the koala enclosure and let them take turns stroking a baby Koala.

Next out came the snake! One by one the kids got to go up and touch the diamond python that was trying to squeeze the living daylights out of the rangers arm, neck and torso!

Up went my Sian all full of 11 year old bravado. When the ranger asked Sian if she had ever felt a snake before she confidently told him that she had had a snake draped around her neck at a previous party. He offered to let her have a go with this huge python and she said yes.

If the ranger could turn back time this is where he would probably return to say "No" Try to imagine if you can the following scene...

Three park rangers and one huge diamond python, 1 birthday boy,
15 friends, 4 parents and the clicking of many cameras. Now imagine the python being wrapped around my 11 yr old daughters neck, except imagine the python changed his mind and made a slither for the fence.

Yes, the python twisted himself around and around the bars of the gate and fence to the point where the rangers could not get him off. The poor rangers were a bit flustered at this point and ran for the tool box returning with a big wrench to take apart the gate from the frame. All this while the kids oooohhed and aaaggghed and the parents clicked and photographed the unfolding drama.

By the time the poor python was forceably removed from the fence it was a very unhappy python being held by a very unhappy ranger surrounded by a gaggle of very excited children.

Here is the small video I took until the red haired ranger shoooed Sian away!

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  1. I was onboard with the koala petting but then they pulled out a snake. Me and mine would have been out of there so quickly it would have been a blur!! Snakes!! *Shudder* I can definitely do without ever being around snakes!! :)

  2. Oh my... snakes! YIKES! What a fun party idea! Those snakes are a bit scary to me. We have had news reports here in the States about people having them as pets but they get to big and they just let them loose outside. Not good. Sian is one brave girl! Did she make it in the book for the "Beautiful.." notes? Just wondering!!

  3. No word back yet from Operation Beautiful. If we hear anything exciting we will be blogging about it!

  4. There's a place called Black Butte where I grew up. My husband always calls it Black Butt as a joke. He'll love to know that such a place actually exists! Your daughter is adorable. It's funny how she pets the snake at the end, but poor rangers!

  5. My kids have giggled on many drives to Blackbutt Reserve thinking I can't hear their jokes! Tell your husband his humour would fit in perfectly here Down Under!