Thursday, October 15, 2009


Here it is. Our fresh new template!

We've gone for simple and understated. We may tweak things around a little over the coming weeks but for now we are really happy to be able to finally personalise our blog with a header photo. If  I can work out how to I hope to change the photo occasionally. For now we just want to make sure that the blog loads correctly and we don't lose any old info. It took 4 years before we felt brave enough to venture away from our basic blogger template, Thanks Mr B for doing all the background "stuff"

Time for a glass of wine I think!

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  1. Lovely picture

  2. I love it! Beautiful banner! I'm glad you're very happy with the result. =)

  3. This is very, very nice.....good job Mr. B! An extra glass of wine for a job well done! :)

  4. LOL! Thank you, are too funny! (about comment on my blog)

    And I really am loving this new facelift! That picture header is so sweet and clear! Oh, it makes me want to be THERE!!!!

  5. It looks great! Very chic!!!

  6. Now you're just rubbing our faces in it - so what if you live in a lush, tropical paradise with a handsome husband and gorgeous children - you could at least share the wine! ;)

    Nice job, you are SO clever!